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the one about saying crap that doesn’t make sense

do you say crap that doesn’t make sense? ? ? well, i do. and then afterwards, i realize that there was some sense in it after all. ?

i’m writing right now because i’m pent up and the craziness of odd energy just can’t be held back. what do you say when what you will say when you open your mouth is something so ridiculous that–when you look back–it doesn’t make sense?

Me backstage getting into character for “In the Heat of the Night.” I made Ralph a creepy, pervy line-cook at a hick diner ? ? ? ?

i know.


it’s my cross i bear. i live life speaking poetry: honest, genuine, emotion-packed, precisely-intended, meaning-packed words.

i express poetry. it reverberates out of me as spoken smiles.

This is not a smile. One day after work, I didn’t feel like writing poetry. So I acted it! ?

i shed poetry like scales. and i’m the dragon. that’s the nice thing about art. sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but people never expect clarity. wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t require everyone to make total sense? you’re not going to understand it all anyway. i secretly want people to laugh with me without completely understanding what I’m saying. rather they sense the reason i’m saying it.

you never arrive at knowing a person. you should never stop laughing, crying, or meeping with a fellow kindred spirit.

by the way, poetry is really cool. the form rarely requires that one spell out any meaning literally. therefore, the reader is asked and expected to do some of the work for you.

yeah, i’m lazy. i’m a lazy poet. it’s like a box pizza i pull out of the freezer and pop into the oven. i just don’t want to pick out the ingredients or mix them together to make you think a certain way. ? ?

but what about making you feel? i don’t really know how that happens. i’m me and on accident, and people laugh. i have no clue how or why people feel giddy. that’s on them. it’s not my job to feel for people or understand how they feel.

i don’t even have to understand sometimes how or why i feel either. i just need to express it and connect with another human being.

is that the way great poetry is made?

Where these instincts come from or what they mean I’ll never know. Oh well! Join me in making a fool of yourself? ?

we all learned in school that we have to plan everything and make specific decisions to implement a specific strategy. get the right answers. ? there’s nothing more boxed in and tamed than a right answer. i hated writing those outlines before writing the paper. ? it’s like, why plan out everything you’re going to say before you write down the conversation? there’s no way to capture the abrupt life and voice when the writer isn’t living in the moment of his words.

why teach someone something before you’re even accomplished at doing it?

my ideas build on one another, and one wave leads to the next. ?‍♂️ that’s real-life, right? ? ? i mean at the time, i guess the moment may not be completely rational, but i’d rather not waste my moments of adventure on planning out the adventure to tame it. ?

I’m not going to be an adventurer i know before i go on the adventure. i can only ever know the new me after living through an experience.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

how can you be a planned out, finished work: an outline? you really already know the closing sentence to your story?

i hope you understand. i really do.

oh! i know!

this is poem.  ? ? ?

yay! now you do.

The One: A Letter To You, My Future Self

When: Sunday morning, 0849hrs on April 29th, 2018

Where: Troy, NY

Who: Carter Neill Holmes

What: Feeling Joyful and Thankful and Abundant

Why: I have so much to be thankful for.

How: It’s a true miracle to be so blessed with hope for the future and hope after death.


Dear Listener and Laugher from Joy,

This is Carter Neill Holmes. I’m you! I’m 25 years old. I live in Troy, NY. It’s a late spring morning that resisted the lingering winter long enough to finally nurture the buds on the trees into fresh leaves and flowers. I feel alive with the trees. And I can’t wait to see how all the blooming comes forth.

Maybe you’re like me. You have horrible allergies! Haha, I gotta laugh or I’ll cry. They’re painful with each seasonal change. The same goes for my life changes. My body and mind resist change like tearing flesh from a nailed down picture frame. It hurts so intensely to wrench myself from where I am to start forward to where I feel in my heart I ought to go. But once in motion, the Lord seems to heal it all and uses the wounds and need to bind me to new people who I love like they were myself.

I love to make the big changes, but they are uncomfortable and keep me up at night. It’s okay, though. You know it is. You’re there on the other side while I’m still here preparing to make the leap. I’m so excited for spring. I have to pray and give the wafts of pollen up to the Lord.

Remember last year….how far we’ve come…..

1. Me at the beginning of the acting journey, right before my first talk with Talent Manager Wendy Alaine Wright on strategies for theater roles
2. Me outside smiling for my first imperfect efforts at capturing a headshot
3. Me on the couch studying lines for my first lead role in a play, Cattle Raid of Cooley
Me just yesterday helping out where I can. I give time to my brother, sister-in-law, 2-yr old niece, and 2-wk old nephew because it’s what I have right now! I love so strongly. I’m learning that the best love is one that holds with an open hand, always ready to let go of personal gain.

Are you looking forward still? I hope so. I hope you’re comforting me, your former self, a little as you enjoy the victories of the last five years. And then I hope you’re generous with your winnings and continue to prioritize your love of people, the humblest of people, over anyone else. Always give. Always give what you have:

A smile.

Eye contact that smiles from the deepest part of your being.

A warmth that you feel from the Lord.

A lack of concern for how others see you, which comforts the most vulnerable.

A personal value that you know is encapsulated, protected, and valuable independent of what anyone’s positive or negative opinions might be.

I was up last night thinking about today, the final day of filming A Hand Untouched: my first project as lead. It’s Sunday morning before church. I can’t wait to get to the film set and wrap this project up. Nathan–conflicted and self-sacrificial father–will always be a part of me. I know that each character and person I’ve ever loved will always be with me. I am surrounded by a crowd of close friends in spirit. My love is given to me from above, and that part of my fiber will never change.

And this was my meditation last night. I yearn for somebody to love. I wrote this little free-verse poem that summarizes the ache in my heart as I sat awake at night.

in my heart of hearts
a warmth causes tears to well
invisible threads pull back my cheeks
who ever thought a smile would hurt
such is the yearning for somebody to love

~Carter Neill Holmes

Can anybody find me somebody to love
Ooh, each morning I get up I die a little
Can barely stand on my feet
(Take a look at yourself) Take a look in the mirror and cry (and cry)
Lord what you’re doing to me (yeah yeah)
I have spent all my years in believing you
But I just can’t get no relief, Lord!
Somebody (somebody) ooh somebody (somebody)
Can anybody find me somebody to love?
I work hard (he works hard) every day of my life
I work till I ache in my bones
At the end (at the end of the day)
I take home my hard earned pay all on my own
I get down (down) on my knees (knees)
And I start to pray
Till the tears run down from my eyes
Lord somebody (somebody), ooh somebody
(Please) can anybody find me somebody to love?
Everyday (everyday) I try and I try and I try
But everybody wants to put me down
They say I’m going crazy
They say I got a lot of water in my brain
Ah, got no common sense
I got nobody left to believe in
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh Lord
Ooh somebody, ooh somebody
Can anybody find me somebody to love?
(Can anybody find me someone to love)
Got no feel, I got no rhythm
I just keep losing my beat (you just keep losing and losing)
I’m OK, I’m alright (he’s alright, he’s alright)
I ain’t gonna face no defeat (yeah yeah)
I just gotta get out of this prison cell
One day (someday) I’m gonna be free, Lord!
Find me somebody to love
Find me somebody to love
Find me somebody to love
Find me somebody to love
Find me somebody to love
Find me somebody to love
Find me somebody to love
Find me somebody to love love love
Find me somebody to love
Find me somebody to love
Somebody somebody somebody somebody
Somebody find me
Somebody find me somebody to love
Can anybody find me somebody to love?
(Find me somebody to love)
(Find me somebody to love)
Find me somebody, somebody (find me somebody to love) somebody, somebody to love
Find me, find me, find me, find me, find me
Ooh, somebody to love (Find me somebody to love)
Ooh (find me somebody to love)
Find me, find me, find me somebody to love (find me somebody to love)
Anybody, anywhere, anybody find me somebody to love love love!
Somebody find me, find me love

There is a prayer. I prayed in the quiet times I was far away. I knew no one. These were moments of intense solitude and seeming darkness. The world won’t get me down. And that’s because I’ll never be alone.

I have prayed to have a heart of David from an early age. Do you remember these prayers? I hope you have new prayer moments to add to the list. We have prayed this same prayer, never giving up:

  • In the car on the gravel road, looking in the passenger rear-view mirror
  • On my bed in the back bedroom of my house with host family in Spain, looking up at the wardrobe
  • On the loveseat back in the living room at home after traveling the world, me writing introspective poetry on a Friday night not particularly settled with my place in life
  • Playing the piano at home as a college student, wondering why I continue to sit where I did as a kid, wondering what my next step should be when at a loss to know
  • When driving north to the unknown with all of my belongings in my car with me, at peace with complete unknown

I don’t ever want to stop driving forward, even though life is so hard at times.

And so, God upholding my strength,  I trust fully in what I have at this moment because I know that he’s giving me what I need.

I throw myself into the moment.

I love you my friend. I love you Lord. And I love you who read. Five years from now, you’ll have a vision of five years further and that excites me. Closer to eternity. Closer to the Lord.

Close forever and never alone

Hug me. I hug you. A kiss!

Your friend,


The One About You–Just Doing You! ?

So how much popcorn do you REALLY require?

This is me being me. But perhaps too much popcorn. ?








Was that a random question? ….(yes)….

I’m glad you asked.

Random questions and statements happen to be my specialty. But no this is not random because this question is not about the popcorn.

How much of yourself are you being with ease and without self-consciousness?

Are you just doing you???

It’s a cute little quip that gets thrown around. ? ? ? ? But there’s gotta be a healthy balance between:

  1. Respecting your elders (doing what know is right rather than wrong, listening the those wiser) AND THEN 
  2. Daring to show your true colors in the freedom of doing what you feel called to do.

So what does it look like? Doing what is right/respecting elders?

Take the weather as an example.

It’s a tad windy, don’t you think? ?

Weather is always unique. Yet, the variable weather has to conform to the laws of nature! Despite it’s container (the vast atmosphere), the wind still blows where it will. ?

Hint: I’m calling you the “wind.” ? ? ? ?

Thank goodness we don’t live rainstorms on repeat!

Thank goodness we don’t live sunny days on repeat!

Thank goodness we don’t live snowstorms on repeat!

Thank goodness we don’t live autumn on repeat!

Thank goodness we don’t live droughts on repeat!

I can see several issues with this:

  • flooding,
  • scorched earth,
  • live snow burial ?,
  • not enough leaves ?,
  • or MARS ? ?!?


Humor me: yeah, I’m also the king of abstract metaphors.


So bringing this back to you doing you

What would happen if everyone was an ultimate feeler (empathizer)?

What would happen if everyone was an ultimate thinker (rational reasoner)?

What would happen if everyone was an ultimate senser (data analyst)?

What would happen if everyone was an ultimate intuitor (abstract dreamer)?

(Feeling, Thinking, Sensing, Intuiting refers to Myers Briggs Personality Theory in another blog post.)

Can you see how society might experience some issues with an imbalance of personality types? ?

I can see several issues with this:

  • an unstable society with emotional hurricane weather,
  • a world of disconnected people who produce things,
  • lives efficient but unimaginative and stagnant,
  • issues with no one getting the work done!

Read more about personality type in my last blog post! 

You NEED to be you for the greater good!

As you can see, we’re all very important to the collective life we live. We have a place where we shine on our unique stage.


You wanna know a secret?

“A job is something that you hold until you determine your calling. A job is a source of sustenance so that you can pursue your calling.”

-Personal quote ?

You are more than a living biological system. Obviously feed yourself to stay alive, of courseeeeeeee.

But you live to be the fullest expression of yourself. You do fit somewhere in this world.

***I believe my ultimate destination is my existence after this life, hence I have an even greater purpose than my temporary work here.***

But I believe. I am here for a reason!!!

I fit somewhere in this world.

And you do too!


If this blog post was inspirational and thought provoking to you, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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The One About Your Personality & How To Find It

You know the personality type with four letters?

Most people thinking uhhhh….ASDF SADF EWRT HGDF QWER XCVB FGHJ SADF???

I’m talking about Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

You know, “that four letter thing.”

Oh right!!! *face palm* ?

In my last blog post, I talked you actors. We discussed how I build a person in my imagination to be someone else naturally. I use my knowledge of personality types to create a realistic person. He notices, reacts, and interacts to his surroundings and with other people!


Now now don’t panic. ?

You can do THIS. ?

You know I’m on to you.

This is not as complicated as it sounds. There are four this-or-that questions to answer:

  1. Introverted or Extroverted?
  2. Intuitive or Sensing?
  3. Feeling or Thinking?
  4. Perceiving or Judging?
Are you upset that you recognized One Direction? 😉

Why Are You Like That!? Let’s Talk About You.

  1. How do you like to recharge, alone or with people? Does social interaction make you tired? ?

If you said alone, you lean to introversion. ?

If you said with people, you lean to extroversion. ?


  1. Do you get lost in your head and imagination more? Or do you focus on the hands-on details and fine details and data? ?

If you said you’re more imaginative, you lean toward intuition. ?

If you said you’re more hands-on and detail oriented, you lean toward sensing. ?


  1. Do you make decisions and respond in conversation based on how the people around you will feel? Or do you prefer to stand by reason and get to the facts? ?

If you said relationship well-being, you lean toward feeling. ?

If you said reason and facts, you lean toward thinking. ?


  1. Do you like to pass through the day, the week, the months, the years leaving your options open? Or do you prefer to have plans and goals to stay focused and on track? ?

If you said keep option open, you lean toward perception. ➿

If you said firm plans with goals, you lean toward judging. ➡


Well, is it really that simple?

Understand Yourself –> Understand Others

It’s amazing to answer these questions for yourself. Once you have a deep understanding of your answers to these questions, you can guess the answers to the four questions of your coworkers. There’s only two options for each question. 😀

Simple right?

Ohh. Well thank you for that. Now we feel better.

World Peace…

I analyzed a co-worker’s personality type one day—to myself. Then I stated my conclusions over a lunch. He responded by saying:

“I believe 99% of relationship troubles stem from misunderstanding. If we simply communicated to understand, then relationship tension would go away.”

As I meet new types of people, and especially engineer/scientist types with my pharmaceutical production job, I realize that most misunderstandings stem from my seeing the world in such a radically different way.

And we lived happily ever after. Yay!

Btw Stephen Colbert did my college commencement speech at Wake Forest graduation ceremony.

You wanna bring this back to personality?

I think most of my pharm-drug production coworkers are sensers (versus intuiters). And most are thinkers (versus feelers).


Since I intuit, I focus on big picture and the abstract concepts over the little details. Both perspectives are useful. I don’t easily rattle off numbers and figures: so that could be annoying. However, I excel at training new employees because I can effortlessly explain complicated processes in a simple way.

Please don’t get lost in the details!!! 🙂


Since I feel, I focus also on how my words and actions impact people’s personal feelings of self-worth. Therefore, I tend to be annoyed that when fellow employees focus only on the hard facts. Again, I think that I excel in the training sphere to empathize with new trainees who are overwhelmed and adjusting to their new job.


Since I judge, I find myself annoyed when others are content with a concrete decision and plan not made. For instance, I hate when people will not decide on somewhere to eat for dinner. On the flip-side, I sometimes envy how chill the opposite perceivers can be.

Will someone please decide if we’re eating catfood or catfood for dinner?!


Since I introvert, I also derive mental, emotional, and physical recharge from spending time alone reading, watching TV, and in silence with nature.

**I used to be shy. This is not any part of personality. This is a psychological phenomenon. I also see it as fear, a limitation. These four corners of personality will not change as you mature and become the best person you can be.  They are—in the truest sense of the words—who you are.**


Why does understanding yours and others’ personality type matter?

At the end of the day, we’re all people. At our best, we see the world differently! Usually perceived slights are not meant to be personal. We’re all focused on how we see the world! I found peace when I discovered my power to take others’ words how I want to take them.

I can put together their personality. That’s a great reason to not take life’s knocks personally. And I can learn to love their strengths that aren’t mine.  As I get to know someone, I can appreciate them for how they see the world.

We can have more friends. And who doesn’t want more friends?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could potentially be friends with everyone???

What if everyone could help you???

Can you imagine how amazing your life would be???


Sharing Is Caring–So They Say

What’s my personality type? 😀

I have taken various personality tests. Sometimes I score differently. Therefore, I think an understanding of the four questions is essential to typing yourself correctly.

I identify with the type: INFJ

Introverted – recharge alone

Intuitive – abstract, head-in-the-clouds imagination

Feeling – empathizer

Judging – planner, accomplisher, and inspire-er


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The One About Acting Like Another Person–Naturally

Do you love to imagine things how they could be? Artists will probably yell, “YES!” to this question. I guess that’s the definition of being creative: creating! Who knew that this quiet child (ME) would come to love to create people as an actor!!!

Keep reading. It’s magic…

➡ I love this clip from the live-action Cinderella (2015).

"She saw things not always as it was but perhaps it could be with just a little bit of magic!"

Were you an awe-struck child???

I took art classes and loved drawing landscapes.

HOUSES and COUNTRYSIDES where I hoped to live in one day!

➡ Surely you remember Disney Pixar’s “Up” (2009)?

Carl Fredricksen’s dream as a toothless Adventure Scout!







He adults the dream! Picture goes on the mantlepiece.
Carl arrives with his house, carried by balloons! 🙂

I dreamed of making my own worlds. My best pen-pal, my Great Uncle Elzie Tucker, encouraged me to draw. He was a professional artist in Texas himself.

People inspire. 🙂 I always wanted to draw human faces. What greater achievement but to create a person! 😀 Alas, I never developed the technique to draw human figures well. 😐 But I had this amazing friend who would draw realistic faces of her friends.

She inspired me to re-imagine myself as an artist:

Value your perspective.

Love your imagination.

Know your intuition is enough to create great art!

She pretty much wound me up and let me go. 😛

If I were a wind-up toy animal, this is it.

Now I create people: I act personalities.

Specifically, I imagine the experience of another person. I trust that my intuition will create a real person. I believe that my imaginary world is indeed real at that time in space.

Referring to my last blog post, thoughts lead to real feelings.  Thoughts are powerful. 😎

➡ How do you start thinking in a productive way as an actor?

Well, it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” process. Decide on a personality. Imagine from there.

If you know me at all, I’ve probably tried to guess your Myer’s Briggs Personality Type.

Then I asked you to go take the free online test. There bookoo’s (beaucoup’s?? I dunno), just google it. I am a little proud of my accuracy because I once guessed someone’s type without ever meeting him. We had only ever texted.

MBTI personality theory suggests that there are four questions that can be answered. It’s simple. That’s how I can guess a person’s personality type.

➡ Why should you think about personality to imagine the experience of another, i.e. act another character?

Personality = how one relates to one’s self and how one relates to other people

Once those questions are answered, one can predict how a person:

  1. Might realistically respond in situations
  2. What details they will focus on
  3. What their attitude might be.

If you can build your imagination around a three dimensional person who is real to you—based on facts. That’s a solid imaginary world as an actor: GOLD.

Conquer yourself as actor. With self-control, let go. Your body and reflexes take over.

Then you act like another person–naturally. 😎

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

This is just a short article on my acting methods. Was this interesting or helpful? Comment below and share!!!




The One About Actors and Mental Illness

Remember that legit actor manager in Los Angeles from blog 1? As you know, Wendy Alaine Wright, has a fantastic YouTube channel. She conducted a poll asking what her new talks should center around. When “mental illness” came up, I wanted to say a few things.

>>> THIS IS IT: Passionate people who live from the heart often feel the danger of putting their hearts on the line. It’s such a brave thing to do. <<<

Have you seen actors open up about struggles with mental illness?

You can google it. I don’t want to post links here and lose you. But there’s lists and lists!!!

That's right Oprah, lead by example...


I think the actor sharing on a real level with fans is fascinating and exciting. Someday I hope to be one of them. Does acting authentically in performances help actors be themselves in real life? I think so. At least for myself! And I think actors are brave to do both: sharing our literal life and  imaginary life through performance!

I got into performance because I was shy. And I started acting for the close relationships to people. I got to live close with real and imaginary people. People who I would never live with and love otherwise!

Me agreeing with myself on a night when Corona was available. That’s another story.

There is a stigma associated with mental illness that I also used to share. I think it’s difficult for people to see how normal mental illness really is. among friends and family as compared to physical ailments. Mental illness is abstract. It is invisible. We can’t see what people think. I guess that’s why we have emotions as humans.

Mental illness is something we all struggle with as the human race. At the core, mental illness is erroneous thinking. Erroneous thinking leads to visible problems.

➡ Thoughts lead to emotions.

➡ Emotions lead to actions.

➡ Actions lead to experiences.

Compare mental issues to physical injuries. We struggle to remain physically well. Our bodies are designed to heal physically. We assume they will when provided with the appropriate PT. I think minds also are designed to heal.

Therefore, people with mental illness are just regular people like you and me!! 😎

High school alma mater!

Don’t get distracted, but here’s my awesome school.

I first found an artistic community during my time at University of the North Carolina School of the Arts in high school. I majored in piano performance and attended high school calculus, English, and Spanish classes with a lot of ballet and modern dancers. It was fun to discover how people in different worlds of art had so much in common.

Me and a dancer friend, senior year high school! I used to hate this photo. Now I think it’s cute.


Me senior year high school with the signature coffee mug!

The dancers seemed–as a generalization–to speak out about physical injuries. I think back to my high school days. I stumbled down the main hallway to class. I tiptoed between dancers sprawled across the hallway holding splits–just trying to stay warm between class periods! (The actors were so damn social. I was more of an observer.) I heard and saw a bit about injuries involving feet, muscles, blisters, etc. I relegated physical injury to being a dancer.

And then the actors were always wearing full black and talking about mental barriers. Maybe it makes sense, then, for actors to speak out about mental illness?

Can you imagine a career where the work is as mentally demanding as dancing is physically taxing? You guessed it. I’m talking about acting.

Humor me:

  • Would we say that dancers are pre-disposed to the injuries they take on?
  • Or would we say that the dancing causes the injuries?

I think the answer is BOTH.

A ballerina on point needs to have strengthened ankles. When done with bad form, dancer’s often end up with a bunion. In high school, it was not an unfamiliar sight. The entire body for hours on end rests on the big toe. Both physical activity and genetics contribute. With the best form, the body adapts with strength and flexibility to become a truly remarkable engine for physical communication. A notable, harmless characteristic of dancer body is the “turnout walk.” It looks funky and slouchy.

This girl’s literally “on point” 


In the same way, I’m going to venture that actors are also predisposed to mental illness. They’re wired to access subtleties of emotion, and then when developed well, their bodies become a remarkable engine of emotional communication. The work itself, when done with bad form and without a strong support system, could also create an environment for mental harm. But when done well, I believe acting produces unprecedented mental flexibility!!!

Sometimes preparing backstage for a role as a murdering line cook from a trashy diner can be stressful.

So let’s strive for perfect form with the right support system. Let’s remember that everyone is naturally wired differently with predispositions that also introduce great potential. Take care of yourself and the actor you love. Love art because people literally give themselves, body and mind, to it.

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The One About Being Grounded: Explore a Faith! Join a Religious Group.

You’re a wide-eyed child again. ? Think of a parent, good friend, or even a kind stranger. ? Has someone helped you by taking a load on themselves that was too much for you to carry?

What a peace! 😀 You felt refreshment and ease once they came to your aid. You allowed them help you. A faith in God (or another Higher Power) is similar. You allow another to take on the burden of your future. Someone can always be there to hold it. ?

I wrote this poem to my best friend. 🙂

It’s a decision to “cross the wide ocean” to let someone in. It’s a decision to take the risk to believe someone is there for you. ? Why not consider a “someone” or a Power greater than a person?

The Christian God is a caring God who is strong. ? He is a stranger at first. But you can get to know Him as a real Friend. ? He says he will show Himself.

Friendship with God (or another Higher Power) is simple. But it’s not easy to learn to trust, whatever your religion! As an actor, it’s uncomfortable to learn to trust your impulses. You triumph over the challenges with regular practice, acting exercise, and camaraderie with other actors.

In the same way, I find it beneficial (and the Christian Bible actually requires) Believers join up with a religious community. You can do it! Embrace a team of Believers striving for the same faith. A community promotes feeling of being grounded, rooted, joyful and peaceful.

Acting has brought me closer in my faith to God as my Friend. If you haven’t guessed by now, I think it’s easier to hope in “right now” if your life perspective allows you to let go of past and future to focus on the present.

I need this focused, present energy in my acting!!!

I believe in and contribute to a plan bigger than my own life. It doesn’t all depend on my performance, thank goodness. (See the prior blog post: Do You Have Hope in “Right Now?”)

“I am close to you. And I am a winner. It’s not all about me. I’m part of the beautiful picture.”

I’m not saying you should convert to my religion, though! Think for yourself: pray and meditate.  ☕ ☕ ☕ I obviously think Christianity is worth checking out as an exceptional option! ✝ I’ve checked out other religions, too.

  • ☸ Buddhism
  • ? Hinduism
  • ☪ Islam
  • ✡ Judaism
  • ☯ Taoism
  • ⚛ Atheism — I even tried living with no religious faith, believing in nothing outside myself. But I find that idea stressful and not peaceful.

For example: I walk into an audition or onto the film set. I’m tired and not feeling at the top of my game. Can I assume that Someone is there to take my burdens of an imperfect past and uncertain future?? I need peace to become another character.

So, I stay by my faith as a Christian though some days are better than others. I know that all I control is what I do right now. To live a productive, happy life, I need to know someone has me covered. Someone is using my imperfect past to work out a beautiful future! ⛱?⛵????

➡ P.S. I think that each religion presents a unique deity who you can get to know. That’s how one can choose a specific religion that fits with his or her faith. Therefore, I think each deity is distinct and different.

So, those are my two cents for today. 😀 You got faith? Have hope in right now! ? I’ll hope along with you, my friend. ?

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The One About Hope in “Right Now?”

I think being grounded as an actor is so important. And I wish people talked about it more. What does being grounded mean? I think it means believing that the future is bright.

The future is SO bright! But maybe explain WHY the future is bright. That makes more sense to explain why living in each moment is bright, too!

We hear “hope for the future!!!” 😀 But what about “hope right now?” It’s hard to believe in right now. It’s hard to have confidence right now. Act right now. 😐 Especially when times are hard. Unfortunately, we live right now.

As an actor, you’ll hear people talk.




Yeah! Yeah. Yeah. “Please shut up!” Is it noisy in here or is that just you?

It’s hard to hear constant opinions and maintain self-confidence.

At best, people banter around positive talk about having “hope in the future.” 😎 But rarely do they explain what they mean. Enthusiasm is GREAT! 😀 It’s hard to be an actor. Actors experience a more uncertain life. Our work is simply a more irregular way of life. Hope in the future is a nice idea for the actor. You’ll hear that from me, too! It’s an ideal. But let’s unpack this

Clouds can’t keep this faith down.

Not every day is sunny. 😮 We should be prepared for the clouds. 😐 What happens then? When it’s hard to sustain that hopeful enthusiasm, we can find peace when we believe that our bright future is not dependent on our own limitations ❗

Who doesn’t want peace? How does one get it? When you’re part of something bigger than you, IT DOESN’T ALL DEPEND ON YOU.

Your hope and peace in the future can be a reality: this is called having a faith.

Faith = certainty in what is not seen

People take part in something bigger than themselves. That’s why those, including myself, align with a faith of those gone before: a religion. They identify with a Higher Power. We’re all limited by time and resources. But God (or another Power you choose) is not.

Let go of what you don’t control: the future. Feel peace. 😀

So are you grounded. Are you certain it’s not all up to you? 

Seriously! That’s a lot of pressure to carry every day. 😮

An actual person carrying too much.

THE BIG QUESTION: How do we sustain our hope for the future? What about your specific life circumstances?

THE BIG ANSWER: Plan for the future. Let the future go. Have hope in right now. Live in the moment.

➡ Plan for the future?

  1. Make concrete goals.
  2. Write them down so you can reference them.
  3. Compose concrete steps backwards. Connect where you want to be to where you are right now.
  4. Spend time with people who have gone before you. Get validation that you’re on the right track.

➡ Let the future go?

We don’t know what life holds. All we have is right now.

Nurture a personal relationship with God (or another Power of your choosing). I believe God is my friend. Why shouldn’t he be? The most authentic people I know have been great friend material. I chose a religion that supported this belief.

? I pray.

? I meditate.

I choose to be a Christian because I love the Christian Higher Power, God. ? You should search the world for your heart’s answers, too. ? The quest to being grounded is personal and has to be done by you alone, listening to your heart. ? I’ve considered other religions. I landed where I am today. I’ve also considered not identifying with any religion at all. In the end, I prefer to believe in being loved by a God. I want to believe my Higher Power is preparing me for my future with my circumstances right now. ⚖ Develop a faith in a Larger Plan of a Higher Power. Entrust your plans to Him. My small life is a gift. That takes the load off of me. It makes me thankful, keeps me humble, and removes entitled feelings. I’m also being carried through this life by Him while I use my energy to work hard.

➡ Have hope in right now?

Decide to have a positive attitude. 😀 Pray. Get to know God as a friend (or another Higher Power of your choice). Let your worries go to Him. ❤ Meditate on truth. Decide to search your life for blessings to be thankful for. Use these talents and resources to their utmost and create a beautiful life.

➡ Live in the moment?

Right now we can do what brings us joy! ? ? ? Act on your plans. Never act in fear. Look, smell, taste, hear, feel and notice the people in front of you. 🙂 Talk to the people in front of you. Reach out to people. Say ‘yes’ to invitations more than ‘no.’ Be a friend to everyone. ? Promote peace with everyone as best as you are able.

This is me happy and listening.

Questions or comments? ? I said a lot! ? There was a lot weighing on my heart.

I’ll be here, listening as always. ?