Pleased to meet you! I’m Carter. I’m an actor.

I’m proud to you have you on my acting website. It’s a work of love. You’ll find my current resume, headshots, and demo reel here!

Click me! I’ll take you to my resume, headshots, and demo reel.

I’m really like this: happy, warm, and a bit poppy with energy. I make art. I express new characters in acting. I make music through piano, violin, and singing. And I write lots of poetry.

I have one word for you. That’s #LOVE.

  1. Love yourself: invest in yourself. Invest what you have. Don’t take shortcuts. Speak compassion to your own shortcomings. Enjoy yourself.
  2. Love others: look for the best in them. Give complete attention to the person in front of you. Do what’s best for a friend.  Be a friend to all. Remind that they’re never alone.
  3. Love Him: surrender your goals and work to the Higher Power. Let go of outcomes. Spend time in meditation and prayer. Blast off for the moon.

The sky’s the limit! Actually, we now know that space-travel is possible. 🤣

Here’s my story in 150 words:

I have 7 siblings. I’m number 2. I grew up in rural Appalachia, North Carolina. I grew up in a grey log house with a red-tin roof.I cared for chickens.
I had a King Python named Alfred as my first pet. Oscar the parakeet lived a long time. Picasso, the cat, was my first love.
I worked on a neighbor’s farm every morning.
I shoveled stalls.
I rode horses!
I dried out my hands playing in the creek and sandbox.
I skinned my knees on roller blades and the trampoline.
I imagined my woods were a zoo.
I practiced piano 3-5 hours daily.
I sing because I like my voice.
I search persons for their hidden self.
I act to meet new people!
I find life purpose in loving those in my life and scripts.
I love by doing what is best for me, others, and the Higher Power I serve.

Good job, me! That was only 152. I give myself an A-for-effort.


Thanks for reading. Find more about me in my extended narrative, blog, and social media (at the bottom of the page).

Warmly 😍,

Carter (…like the president)

Neill (…like the Irish warrior)

Holmes (…like the Sherlock)